Usb Fan

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Usb Fan

Usb Fan

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Introducing the 2-in-1 Dual-Use Fan, your ultimate cooling solution for any environment. This versatile fan is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience, whether you need a desktop fan or a wall-mounted fan.

Product Highlights:

  • Dual-Use Functionality: Serve as both a desktop fan and a wall-mounted fan, offering flexibility and adaptability to suit your cooling needs.
  • Remote Control: Effortlessly operate the fan from a distance with the included remote control.
  • Adjustable Wind Speed: Three adjustable wind speeds to fine-tune the airflow for various environments.
  • Warm Ambient Light: Enjoy a soothing night light that accompanies the fan's silent operation, ensuring a good night's sleep.
  • Easy Maintenance: Detachable fan cover for convenient cleaning and dust removal, ensuring efficient operation.
  • Folding Design: 90-degree folding design to adjust the wind direction and save space when not in use.
  • Wireless and Rechargeable: Compact, portable, wireless, and rechargeable for uninterrupted cooling wherever you go.

Product Information:

  • Main Material: PP+ABS+Electronic Components
  • Wind Power Gears: Three Gears
  • Available Colors: White, Blue, Green
  • Input Current: 1.8A
  • Power Output: DC5V 1000mA
  • Power: 5W
  • Ambient Light: Warm Ambient Light
  • Product Size: 17318886mm
  • Packing List: Fan*1, Charging Cable*1, Instruction Manual*1

Experience the ultimate in cooling and convenience with the 2-in-1 Dual-Use Fan. Shop now at Cashymart and bring comfort and versatility to your living space. Enjoy a fan that adapts to your needs, whether on your desk or mounted on the wall, and sleep peacefully with its warm ambient light.

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Usb Fan

Usb Fan

Regular price $33.59
Regular price Sale price $33.59