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Best Pet Water Bottle

Best Pet Water Bottle

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Best Pet Water Bottle

Introducing MOESTAR's Rocket Cup – Your Pet's Essential Companion! Make every pet outing a breeze with the MOESTAR Rocket Cup. Here are the key features:

  • Pet Outing Made Easy: The portable ROCKET cup design makes it effortless to provide water for your furry friend anytime, anywhere.
  • Perfect Capacity: With an ideal 270ml capacity, your dog can hydrate adequately with just one use, lightening the load for pet owners.
  • Precise Water Control: The newly designed water outlet allows for precise control over the water flow, preventing unwanted splashes and wastage.
  • Innovative Flow Channel: The cup head features a unique flow channel, ensuring minimized bacteria buildup and efficient water dispensing.
  • Secure Lock Mechanism: The cup's lock button guarantees that water won't leak, giving you peace of mind during outings.
  • Healthy and Safe: Crafted from ABS, a safe and sturdy material, the MOESTAR Rocket Cup adheres to human drinking water standards. It's resistant to falls and scratches, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Ensure your furry companion stays hydrated and healthy – order now from CashyMart!


  • Material: food-grade ABS
  • Package Content: 1 x Moestar Rocket Pet Cup
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