Cartoon EVA Shoes

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Cartoon EVA Shoes

Cartoon EVA Shoes

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Cartoon EVA Shoes

Discover the perfect footwear for your little ones with these adorable Cartoon EVA Shoes!

Product Features:

  • Ideal Firmness: Offers a perfect balance of softness and firmness, promoting healthy foot development in children.
  • Sun Protection: Refrain from exposing EVA shoes to prolonged sunlight to ensure their longevity.

Product Information:

  • Applicable Gender: Unisex, suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Upper Material: Crafted from durable EVA material.
  • Season: Designed for summer wear.
  • Function: Non-slip and wear-resistant, perfect for active kids.
  • Pattern: Featuring charming animal designs.
  • Sole Material: Made from comfortable and robust EVA material.
  • Style: Cartoon-themed for a playful touch.

Size Information:

Shoes Sole Marking Inner Length China Size US Size

150 14cm 20-21 8

160 15cm 22-23 9

170 16cm 24-25 10

180 17cm 26-27 11

190 18cm 28-29 12

200 19cm 30-31 13

210 20cm 32-33 1

220 21cm 34-35 2

230 22cm 35-36 3

240 23cm 37-38 4

250 24cm 39-40 5

Packing List:

One pair of Cartoon EVA Shoes

Give your little ones the comfort and style they deserve. Order these delightful Cartoon EVA Shoes now from Cashymart and let their tiny feet enjoy every step in these cute and supportive shoes! 🦁🐰👟 Shoes*1 pair

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Cartoon EVA Shoes

Cartoon EVA Shoes

Regular price $13.53
Regular price Sale price $13.53