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Dog Training Collar

Dog Training Collar

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Dog Training Collar

The Waterproof Pet Remote Electric Dog Training Collar is an advanced training solution designed to facilitate effective communication and training between pet owners and their dogs. With innovative features such as a built-in walkie-talkie system, rechargeable components, waterproof receivers, and adjustable levels, this training collar offers a comprehensive approach to pet training.

Key Features:

  • Walkie-Talkie: Built-in intercom system for effective communication with pets.
  • Rechargeable: Both remote and receiver are rechargeable for convenience and cost-effectiveness.
  • Waterproof Receiver: Designed to be waterproof, allowing pets to swim or walk in the rain without compromising functionality.
  • Adjustable Levels: Customizable vibration and shock modes from 0 to 99 for a personalized training experience.
  • Four Training Modes: Shock, vibration, light, and sound modes catering to different training needs.
  • Three Channels: Flexibility for multi-pet households with a choice of channel for up to three receivers with one remote.
  • Auto Power Save: Energy-efficient with an auto-power-save mode for prolonged battery life.
  • Distance Control: Maximum control distance of up to 2000 meters for effective training space.

Tips for Usage:

  • Charge the collar before first use.
  • Gradually introduce training to avoid confusion or repulsion in pets.
  • Try vibration before using the shock mode.
  • Observe the dog's reaction to ensure training intensity is appropriate.
  • Check the dog's skin to avoid discomfort during shock mode.

Key Definitions:

  • Antenna: Transmits signals effectively.
  • LED Light: Indicates power status and can be turned on/off.
  • Shock Button: Activates shock mode with adjustable levels.
  • LCD Screen: Displays modes, levels, and channels.
  • Vibration Button: Activates vibration mode with adjustable levels.
  • Walkie-Talkie Button: Enables communication with the pet through the collar's speaker.
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