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Elastic Ball

Elastic Ball

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Elastic Ball

Experience Fun and Bounce with our Elastic Ball! Get ready to enjoy endless hours of excitement with our fantastic Elastic Ball. This vibrant and bouncy toy is perfect for kids and adults alike, providing entertainment and exercise all in one.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Colors: Our Elastic Ball comes in three eye-catching colors: Blue, Green, and Rose Red. Choose your favorite or collect them all to brighten up your playtime!
  • Bounce and Play: This 10cm Elastic Ball is designed for ultimate bounceability. Its durable plastic construction ensures hours of thrilling bouncing fun, making it perfect for outdoor activities and games.
  • No Lights, Pure Fun: These balls come without lights, offering a classic and pure bouncing experience. It's all about the joy of bouncing and catching!


  • Product Category: Elastic ball
  • Material: Plastic/plastic
  • Specification: 10cm
  • Colors Available: Blue [without lamp - nude], Green [without lamp - nude], Rose Red [without lamp - nude]

Don't miss out on the bouncing fun! Whether you're a child or a child at heart, our Elastic Ball promises delightful moments of play and exercise. Order yours today from CashyMart and bounce your way to happiness!

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