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Interactive Pet Dog Sniff and Snack Puzzle Ball

Interactive Pet Dog Sniff and Snack Puzzle Ball

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Pet Dog Sniff & Snack Puzzle Ball Train'n'Treat Snuffle Ball Canine Enrichment Nose Pad Toys

Introducing the ultimate source of enjoyment and mental stimulation for your furry friend! The Pet Dog Sniff & Snack Puzzle Ball is designed to tap into your dog's natural instincts, providing hours of entertainment and enrichment.

  • Style: Europe and America
  • Material: Polar Fleece Fabric

Size Information:

  • Product Size: 20 x 20cm
  • Package Size: 25 x 25 x 12cm

Unleash the fun with the Train'n'Treat Snuffle Ball that not only entertains but also provides mental and physical stimulation. Watch as your furry companion engages in a delightful game of sniffing and snacking, keeping them engaged and mentally sharp.

Package Content:

Ball x 1

Warm Tips:

  • This snuffle mat is suitable for puppies, small, medium, and large dogs, catering to a wide range of breeds and sizes.
  • Dogs should be supervised while using the mat to ensure they do not rip or eat the cloth when food runs out, prioritizing their safety at all times.
  • The snuffle mat is not a chew toy, so it is recommended to put it away from dogs after use, ensuring its longevity.
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