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Interactive Slow Feeder Puzzle Toy for Dogs

Interactive Slow Feeder Puzzle Toy for Dogs

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Engage your furry friend's mind and satisfy their hunger with our Dog Pets Puzzle Toys Slow Feeder. This interactive food dispenser is designed to increase your puppy's IQ while encouraging slow and healthy eating.

Product Information:

  • Material: Durable plastic
  • Specifications: Available in Press Roulette - Lake Blue and Press Roulette - Green
  • Size: 250mm (L) x 250mm (W) x 58mm (H)

Main Features:

  • Non-slip bowl design prevents messy spills
  • Entertaining training game for pets
  • Encourages slow eating for better digestion

Give your pet the mental stimulation they need while making mealtime an enjoyable and engaging experience!

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