JAKCOM samart nail chip

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JAKCOM samart nail chip

JAKCOM samart nail chip

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JAKCOM N3 Smart Nail Chip

JAKCOM N3 Smart Nail Chip is the latest innovation in manicure nail art, offering a range of unique features and functionalities. This cutting-edge product is designed to enhance your nail art experience and provide convenience in your daily life.

Main Features:

  • Virtual Call: Quickly reserve a timed virtual call, providing a discreet way to excuse yourself.
  • Information Sharing: Share various information such as electronic business cards, online stores, and network files effortlessly.
  • Scene Notice: Trigger preset messages for added safety and communication with family members.
  • Flexible Chip: The micron-order chip is as thin as a cicada's wing and can bend and fit to the radian of a finger.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made with internationally recognized eco-friendly materials and skin-friendly coating.
  • New IOT Chip: Equipped with a new generation IOT chip and rich built-in cloud services, suitable for Android and iOS platforms.

Additional Functions:

  • Finger Memo: Set different memos in different nails, without the need for any additional app installation.
  • Daily Horoscope: Access all-round daily horoscope with a simple finger stretch.
  • Period Calculator: View your current safe period, ovulatory period, and menstrual period at any time.

With exquisite design and numerous practical functions, the JAKCOM N3 Smart Nail Chip is the new favorite of cyber celebrities and a must-have for those seeking innovative and customizable nail art solutions. Whether you are a wholesaler, reseller, or interested in OEM and ODM partnerships, this product offers quick customization and all-round support to meet your unique requirements.

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JAKCOM samart nail chip

JAKCOM samart nail chip

Regular price $38.65
Regular price $0.00 Sale price $38.65