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Nail Tool Set

Nail Tool Set

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Nail Tool Set For Beginners Home Nail Lamp Nail Polish Polisher

Product Information:

  • LED/UV lamp available
  • High-quality, environmentally friendly materials
  • Bright color, high saturation, good adhesion
  • No shrinkage, cracking, yellowing
  • Long-lasting and non-shedding
  • Easy to remove


  1. Apply bottom glue, cure with UV (1 minute) or LED (30 seconds)
  2. Apply the first color glue, cure with UV (1 minute) or LED (30 seconds)
  3. Apply the second color glue, cure with UV (1 minute) or LED (30 seconds)
  4. Apply sealing layer, cure with UV (1 minute) or LED (30 seconds)

Nail Product Category: Nail Polish

Capacity: 7ml

Specification Type: Normal Specifications

Suitable for Skin Type: Any skin type

Shelf Life: 3 years

Packing List:

  • Nail polish 7mlx12
  • Base glue 7mlx1
  • Sealing layer 7mlx1
  • Sponge polishing strip x5
  • Dead Skin Fork x1
  • Steel push x1
  • Tweezers x1
  • Gold and silver thread x4
  • Split toe cotton x2
  • Claw brush x1
  • Glue x1
  • Nail Clipper x1
  • Diamond decoration x1
  • French stickers x3
  • Nail Sticker x2
  • Armor Remover Pack x20
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