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One-Color Gel Nail Polish

One-Color Gel Nail Polish

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A Bottle Of One-color Nail Polish

  • Capacity: 7ml
  • Long-lasting: lasts for about 15 days
  • Applicable lamp: UV lamp or LED lamp
  • Healthy and non-toxic: made of environmentally friendly materials

This one-color nail polish offers the perfect solution for achieving wonderful and super shiny nails that last for at least 15-21 days. Its gel formula is easy to apply and quick to dry under any UV light. Whether for professional or home nail art designs, this nail polish is a versatile and professional choice for creating beautiful manicures. The package includes detailed professional use instructions to ensure the best results.


  • Long-lasting gel polish
  • Easy application and quick drying
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials
  • Professional or home use for nail art designs

Usage Instructions:

  1. Clean and prepare nails
  2. Shake the gel polish well
  3. Apply Base Gel and cure with UV or LED light
  4. Apply colored gel and cure with UV or LED light
  5. Apply top coat and cure with UV or LED light

To remove the nail gel polish, simply soak the nails or use acetone-soaked cotton pads before gently filing or sliding it off. Kindly ensure to follow the safety precautions and storage instructions provided in the package.

Package Contents: 1 bottle of nail polish