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Pet Ear Cleaner

Pet Ear Cleaner

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Pet Ear Cleaner

Introducing ELAIMEI's Ultra-Otic Pet Ear Cleaner, a premium solution for maintaining the ear health of your beloved dogs and cats. Specially formulated and alcohol-free, this ear cleaner provides gentle and effective cleaning, ensuring the well-being of your pets.

Key Features:

  • Alcohol-Free Formula: Gentle and effective cleaning without causing irritation.
  • Suitable for Dogs and Cats: Designed for both dogs and cats, catering to various breeds and sizes.
  • Premium Grooming Product: High-quality grooming product from ELAIMEI.
  • Convenient Size: Compact size for easy handling and storage, with a 120ml volume.
  • Sample Available: Try before committing to a full purchase.
  • OEM, ODM, Private Label: Flexible customization options available.

Product Information:

  • Brand: ELAIMEI
  • Model Number: FB32107
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Application: Dogs
  • Material: Liquid
  • Grooming Products Type: Bathing Products
  • Product Name: Ultra-Otic Pet Ear Cleaner
  • Suitable for: Dogs, Cats
  • Size: 40x40x180mm
  • Volume: 120ml
  • Sample: Provide
  • Service: OEM, ODM, Private Label

Usage Tips:

Gently lift your pet's ear and hold it in an upward position. Apply the Ultra-Otic Ear Cleaner into the ear canal. Massage the base of the ear to allow the cleaner to reach deep into the ear. Allow your pet to shake its head to help remove any excess solution and debris. Use a clean cotton ball to wipe away any visible debris from the ear.

Ensure your pets' ears stay clean, healthy, and free from irritation with ELAIMEI's Ultra-Otic Pet Ear Cleaner. Experience the benefits of a trusted grooming product designed

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