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Plush Cat Chew Toy

Plush Cat Chew Toy

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Plush Cat Chew Toy Catnip Self-hi Bite Toys Strip Pillow

Indulge your feline friend with our Plush Cat Chew Toy Catnip Self-hi Bite Toy Strip Pillow. Made from high-quality plush material, this toy is designed to provide endless entertainment and comfort for your cat. Available in S1-gray, S1-pink, S1-beige, S1-purple, and S1-blue, this adorable toy is a must-have for any cat owner.

Product Information:

  • Made from plush material for ultimate comfort
  • Contains catnip to entice your cat's playful instincts
  • Self-hi bite design for interactive play
  • Available in multiple attractive colors

Add this delightful plush toy to your cat's collection and watch as they pounce, paw, and play with joy!

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