Teddy Bear Plush Toy

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Teddy Bear Plush Toy

Teddy Bear Plush Toy

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Teddy Bear Plush Toy

Experience the perfect blend of lifelike charm and cuddly comfort with our Teddy Bear Plush Toy, now available at CashyMart! These plush toys are not only irresistibly cute but also soft to the touch, making them an ideal choice for children's toys, home decor, and heartfelt gifts.

Product Highlights:

  • Lifelike and Cute: Our Teddy Bear boasts a lifelike and adorable design that captures hearts instantly.
  • Soft and Squeezable: Crafted for cuddles, these plush toys are soft and huggable, perfect for cozying up to.
  • Easy to Clean: Keep your bear looking fresh and clean with easy cleaning methods.
  • Versatile Decor: These plush bears make for strong and charming decorations in any space.
  • High Safety: Designed with safety in mind, these bears are suitable for all ages.

Product Specifications:

  • Category: Plush Peripheral Derivatives
  • Modeling Category: Animals
  • Shape: Cartoon, Anime
  • Animal Category: Bear
  • Plush Classification: Cloth
  • Color Options: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray
  • Height Options: Choose from various sizes, including 0.8m, 1m, 1.3m, 1.6m, 2m, 2.6m, and 3.4m

Warm Tips: Please note that this product comes as a leather shell and is a semi-finished product. You will need to fill it with PP cotton. The bear's nose is not filled, allowing you to customize its appearance.

Package Content: 1 Teddy Bear Leather Shell

Bring joy and warmth into your home with our Teddy Bear Plush Toy. Shop now at CashyMart and discover the perfect plush companion for your child, a charming decor piece, or a heartwarming gift. These bears are not only delightful to look at but also irresistibly huggable, providing endless comfort and joy. Don't miss the chance to add a touch of cuddly charm to your life!

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Teddy Bear Plush Toy

Teddy Bear Plush Toy

Regular price $48.74
Regular price Sale price $48.74